Luis Bernal MPP, working as an independent, individual evaluation consultant, was charged with carrying out the Program of Workforce Inclusivemess for People with Disabilities aka “Pacto de Productividad”. The evaluation comprised a quantitative and qualitative assessment of program’s relevance, efficiency, efficacy and sustainability.

The evaluation was expected to be strong on identifying lessons learned and making recommendations for program’s improvement which it actually brought about, at a point that it drove a substantial program’s redirection.

Personas con Discapacidad en entrenaimiento para trabajar en un Call Center

Personas con Discapacidad en entrenaimiento para trabajar en un Call Center

Funded by IDB’s Multilateral Investment Fund, with a number of other Colombian partners, and executed by Fundación Corona, the Program of Workforce Inclusion for People with Disabilities, also called Pacto de Productividad” was a $3.2 million, five year-long project aimed to improve workforce inclusiveness for people with disabilities as a mean to increase their social and economic opportunities. The project was carried out in the Colombian cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, and Pereira.

Carried out between March and and April, 2011, the evaluation was based of an extensive document review, traveling, site visit, case studying, benchmarking, quantitative data analysis, as well as focus groups and interviews with people with all kinds of disabilities, business owners and staff, institutions working on people with disabilities inclusion, as well as policy makers and other program stakeholders at local and national levels.

Having in mind the mid-term evaluation recommendations, the program would be extended for one more years as it was about get the traction needed to its ultimate success.